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Hello, you have reached the devastatingly handsome Lance's voicemail.
Please leave a message and I'll get back to you right away.

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God Info

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CANON: Voltron: Legendary Defender
GOD: Tlaloc
POWER: Cryokinesis (manipulation of ice)
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CHARACTER SERIES: Voltron: Legendary Defender


Backtagging: YES
Threadhopping: YES
Fourthwalling: YES
Offensive subjects (elaborate): NOT EVEN POSSIBLE


Hugging this character: YES
Kissing this character: YES
Flirting with this character: YES
Fighting with this character: YES
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): YES
Killing this character: Only with discussion!
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: YES

Warnings: Lance is a flirt. Lance is dumb. I'm sorry.
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Player Information

Name: Frika
Contact: [ profile] freakanature06
Age: 27
Other Characters: Killua Zoldyck (Hunter x Hunter), Battler Ushiromiya (Umineko), Yato (Noragami)

Character Information

Name: Lance
Canon: Voltron: Legendary Defender
Canon Point: Just after episode 10, right before they head out to rescue Allura.
Age: 18 (it's not actually specified in canon. I will edit this if/when it is specified)
History: Wikipedia article and Lance on the wiki.
Personality: Probably the first thing that any person notices about Lance is his smarmy comments and his overly large ego. He is an attractive, athletic guy and goshdarn, he KNOWS it. And he's not afraid to flaunt it either. Lance is the sort of person who doesn't think twice before laying down a 'smooth' line or entering a conversation with a sassy retort. Many of the things he says are meant to draw the attention in the room directly to him and he loves to be in the limelight. On top of that, he tends towards the friendlier edge of things, so he gets along with other people really easily and has a way with making conversations go smoothly, as long as you can get past all of love he keeps slinging at himself.

It becomes very obvious very quickly, though, that a lot of his bravado is an act - not necessarily one to hide deep-seeded insecurities, but one to help break tension and ease the atmosphere around people. Underneath the boasting exterior, Lance is a sensitive, caring, passionate guy who wants to do the best that he can at the things that he does and take care of the people that are important to him. This is evidenced in the way he backs up his buddies regularly - doing things like drawing the attention of the teacher away from Pidge in order to protect her from a reaming out.

His passion for what he does is easy to see - and hear. Lance is loud and over the top, especially when he is doing something he loves. Anytime he's in the cockpit of the Blue Lion, he can be heard shouting and whooping in delight, and he is often talkative about what he plans to do in order to help end the fights quickly.

Underneath his dramatic exterior lies something even deeper though. Lance is a homebody deep down. He misses his home, his family, and especially his mom. Being so far away from the people and places he loves takes a serious toll on him and makes him morose sometimes - though he is the sort of person who would never let on to most people that he is feeling uncomfortable and powerless. You would have to earn his trust and respect to a very deep level in order to get something like that out of him.

None of this is meant to say that Lance isn't egotistical and arrogant though. He definitely is. He thinks very highly of himself and his abilities - often TOO highly, leading to giant letdowns. But he's also very willing to try again harder next time and prove that he IS just as good as he says he is. He also tends towards being confrontational, gladly taking up a stance on issues and arguing his point until he either wins or gets beaten into submission. You can often see him in conflict with his teammates, stubbornly defending whatever stance he has taken at the time. It is possible to sway Lance's thoughts with solid facts, but it might take piercing through his stubbornness first to do so.

A last couple of notes about Lance's general personality: firstly, he is dense as anything. Often he takes things at face value and doesn't realize what's going until it's spelled out for him. This can be seen in the way he reacts to Pidge revealing that she's a girl - with absolute surprise, while the rest of the team had already guessed as much. That isn't to say that he's stupid, just that he doesn't look for subtleties in anything. Secondly, Lance has a creative streak a mile long. When confronting enemies, it is often Lance that will come up with a tactic that will meet their goals in a less than head-on way. Examples include his plan to distract the Galra soldiers on the Bulmera so that they could take them out without shooting more and hurting the Bulmera further, as well as him using his lion to bite into the ground during a fight with an enemy that was pushing them back in the comic series.

Overall, Lance is a fun guy to have around. He's the sort of person who is the life of the party. He's loud, he's flirty, he's dramatic, and he's always willing to help out a friend, even if sometimes they disagree in loud and argumentative ways. He's secretly soft and loving deep down, but he's also who he presents himself as all the way through at the same time, making him an interesting person to get to know.
Sharpshooting- Lance is a natural marksman and is skilled at taking down opponents with only a few, precise shots.
Quick reflexes- Even in tense situations, Lance is quick to react and make decisions on what should be done.
Creativity- Specifically in the vein of missions, the creativity that Lance displays allows him to find different solutions to problems that others are struggling with.
Piloting- While he is by no means an excellent, top of the line pilot, Lance knows his way around a cockpit and can at least keep up with most people.
Strengths: Outgoing, brave, passionate, sensitive, creative
Weaknesses: Obnoxious, arrogant, flirtatious, dense, self-sacrificing

God/Shinki: God
Why?: Lance is not typically the person in charge, but he is someone who wants to be in charge and doesn't hesitate to assert his stance on something. I think it would be fun to play around with the idea of him being the head of something.
Top 3 Choices: Tlaloc (Aztec), Huixtocihuatl (Aztec), Lona (Hawaiian)
God Type: Lance has always wanted this position of power! Now that he finally has it, he's going to work SO HARD to make sure he deserves the spot! He'll take on any prayer that comes his way, and he's going to constantly promote himself wherever and whenever he can, just to make sure everything goes his way.
Power: Ice Manipulation. Lance can form water into ice and use that in order to move around, trap others, or just make a nice cool drink. ;)

Writing Sample

Sample: Here!


Anything Else?: Nope!


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